Hello again 😀

And now I’m gonna tell you about my holiday.

Starts from the “report book” distribution, the holiday feels so-so. Or in other words, same as my previous holiday before. Playing games  everyday. Never get tired with this one 😀

And oh yeah, few days after the starts of holiday, I go accompany my parents to pick up my big brother from his boarding school in Anyer, Serang. I’m so eager to meet the PC that my big brother kidnapped from my home. To be honest, I missed my PC so much, haven’t met it after last lebaran holiday.

As I told you before in my later post, in last holiday I get my gaming mood back after a long slumber. So, I installed WoW-TBC in my PC too. Can you guess what happen after that?, you right! I’m becoming computer junkie again! Yeay!

But my “computer junkie” moment not last for long. Ficky and Ima, has organized a little trip to Mr. Andi’s and Mr. Muh’s house. And after that we go to Ekalokasari plaza to watch “The Tourist”, Starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Yeay! 😀

After that, I’m going back to be a computer junkie again to the rest of holiday.

The Summary is : almost 90% of my holiday’s time used to play game. And I have no regret about it 😛

Welcome back, Schooltime! 😀

*PS: On this holiday I also finally get 2 things I wanted from a long time : An android-based smartphone, and a new headphone ; Sennheiser HD 202. Maybe I’ll review it later 😉


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