New breeze?

Hi! :metal:

Just having another random thought crossing this mind. I dunno why lately I’m quite spirited on blogging. Maybe I got a “setan blogging” hanging out in my head.

You know? I have a friend, his name is Ficky. He’s one of crazy diligent blogger around. Maybe he’s the one who made me having a new spirit to make my blog running again. This new excitement starts from the earlier day of my second year in Senior High School. This blog, is my friend’s blog. His name is Hahn, all I know about his is only that. I even didn’t know his real name. Starts from just blog-walking to his blog. I got my “blogging spirit” back from his graveyard again :hammer:. And thanks to him, now I, er.. provocated to start blogging again, and then I go buy this domain. And by that action I did, I really serious to go blogging again. And as this Post’s title, it seems that a new breeze is coming. I only can hope that this is a good sign.


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