Yeah, as you seen in the title, this post will talks about future. In definition, Future is a time that will happen next, not from present time, or from the past. But for this post is about my future. It’s not about coming to a fortune teller and asking about what will happen in the future, it’s about planning. Yeah, planning. The oldies said that a good plan is already half of success. So I’ll tell you about what I will do, or planning to do in the future. You must be know, that I’m still a second-grader student in a Senior High School. And I’m in science class. But honestly, science doesn’t interest me. I prefer to geek-ing on my Laptop, or learn about language, especially English. And I think that I only excel on that two subjects. English, And Computer, especially programming

And this is my plan :

– First, graduate from the SHS with a good score

– Then go to LP3T Nurul Fikri, go get an intensive course.

– After that go get a S.Pd title

– And then go get some work

– While doing my job, I’ll save some of the money for my next title, S.Kom (maybe)

Maybe that’s what I think about my future for now. Maybe things will change, but later :p

See You Soon :maho


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